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Getting Fit with Kevin Maselka


Getting Fit with Kevin Maselka

Cara Pearlman

With over two decades of industry experience, Cara possesses an extensive knowledge of the local real estate market...

With over two decades of industry experience, Cara possesses an extensive knowledge of the local real estate market...

Mar 7 6 minutes read

With over 250,000 hours of personal training sessions, Kevin Maselka has been a personal trainer for over 35 years; NBA, NFL, and MLB players trust him, along with business professionals and generations of families. Unlike most trainers, this is Kevin’s sole career; with his background in kinesiology and sports performance, he is 100% devoted to his training career. His passion for healing the body through physical fitness is undeniable; the moment he connects with a client, his spirit will motivate you. Cara knows this first hand - along with her parents, husband, and children, Cara works with Kevin to keep her health in tip-top shape. 

1. What can clients expect while working with Kevin and his staff?

Expect to be pushed and reach for goals that achieve health and longevity. A focus on health is what Kevin drives into his clients. Sometimes, clients will bring their health report from their doctor to Kevin to make sure their bodies are as healthy as possible, leading them on a path that goes beyond aesthetics. The goal is to make your body feel better, along with strength, message, cardio, and stretching are incorporated into the full body goal of getting in shape. This doesn't mean that getting in shape with Kevin and his staff won’t be tough and pain-free, what his current clients find is that as they get into shape, those tweaks and pains that used to be there go away. Kevin is with you 100%; he will use his expertise to work with you and how your body responds to the training. 

2. How does Kevin structure short-term and long-term goals with his clients? 

When Kevin starts with a new client, he always sits down with them and discusses their needs. After goals are set from that first initial interview, Kevin will check in with his client every session because goals evolve. The goal of a professional athlete is different from a professional trying to keep their health in shape. Also, on some days when morale is low, the goal can be just to work out–everyone needs at least a little bit of movement every day. Sometimes a client will come in to complete a triathlon, so the short-term will change to achieve that long-term goal. Kevin is there to push you towards whatever goals you need and correct you if you get off course. 

3. How does Kevin motivate clients when they can't find the motivation themselves? 

Excuses… You can tell Kevin and his staff your excuses, but they don’t help. Everyone has something that bothers them, and sometimes a small change on a daily or weekly basis will help. Kevin and his staff can work with you to build those small chunks of strategy that you can achieve every day for 30 days that will form a cycle that can break those excuses, and then you can reach the point where you’re motivated to get more serious on your fitness journey. But, in the end, sometimes it can come down to Kevin saying, “if you continue like this, you won’t reach your goals at all,” 

As Kevin has said, laziness has horrible effects on your body over time. However, training gives you effects that benefit your overall health in everyday things. You might hear him quote Anthony Robbins, “If you can't, you must, and if you must, you can.”

4. Right now, walking is all the rage. Everyone online is saying that it is the best form of exercise and making it seem like walking will solve all of your problems. Does Kevin subscribe to this theory? 

Kevin doesn’t deny that walking is great for you. However, he does suggest that you do intervals of more intense and less intense walking/running. Intervals of intensity to strengthen the heart. Walking is good, but you need that hard cardio to burn fat and for your heart. 

5. What form of exercise does Kevin suggest for a busy working parent? 

On top of a well-balanced healthy diet, feeding your social battery, getting up, and doing one exercise daily is what Kevin suggests. Start with what you can do and build on that, even if it is for 5 minutes; Kevin says that as long as you take a small portion of your day to focus on your health, you are achieving something for yourself. He also suggests doing 100 reps of something, like squats, throughout the day. If you do 100 squats a day for 90 days, that really adds up in your favor. 

6. What would Kevin tell someone who is nervous to work with a personal trainer? 

First and foremost, Kevin suggests that you do your research on trainers before you start working with one. For a trainer, you want to avoid a drill sergeant who is so focused on your strength that they neglect the other aspects of health. Find someone who has the experience, and don't be afraid to ask questions to make sure you are in good hands.

There are a lot of personal trainers out there that may not have your overall health in mind; after speaking and working with Kevin, I can confidently say that he is the best of the best! If you would like to reach out to Kevin for a training session or to buy any gym equipment, the best way to reach him is via text. We are happy to provide his information, just text or call us! 

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