"We referred Cara to friends of ours"

The Hernacki family purchased their first home with the help of Cara Pearlman. They couldn't be happier. 

Read the Hernacki's story about their experience with the Cara Pearlman Group and what advice they have for you.


The Hernacki family had been living comfortably in a two-bedroom apartment with their son and dog. Lori and her husband were expecting their second child when they decided to start looking for their first home purchase. They knew if they wanted to continue expanding their family they needed something more spacious prior to the delivery of their second child. Lori and her husband wanted to wait until they had saved enough for a downpayment on a home they could really grow into. They ended up purchasing a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath home enough for each of their children to have their own rooms and space for a guest room.

Why Cara Pearlman?

The Hernacki's were personally referred to Cara by Lori's stepsister. Lori's inlaws are in real estate and home construction and out of all of their industry connections they fully supported Cara as the best of the bunch.

They had a unique situation. Their family had been looking at listing for a while online. They gave Cara a few of these listings in hopes of giving her an idea of what they were looking for. Immediately Cara set up appointments at all 4 of the listings and they set up a time to go see them. She was super proactive and got them in to see all the homes on the same day. She suggested they go to lunch before the showings and they were able to speak about their priorities when it came to looking for their first home. Randomly the Hernacki's fell in love with the 4th house they visited.

"Cara really encouraged us to ask questions and never made us feel like we were being overly detailed. She appreciated our understanding of the process."

What Stuck Out To You?

Cara put in a lot of research for the pending offer they wanted to make. She sent over comps in the area and her analysis of other homes on the market. Their offer was made on a 3 and a half year old new construction home. The previous owner found work in Texas and listed their home unexpectedly. 

Although the house was new there was a list of minor and major issues in the inspection report. Cara was able to help them decide what they should ask the sellers for as far as a credit for future projects. The Hernacki's had a short time frame to go to closing and Cara was able to assist them in quickly coming to an agreement on the inspection items. Cara formed a nice relationship with the listing agent and the Hernacki's ended up getting a really good price on their new home.

How Was Cara Pearlman Different?

Cara referred their home inspector and found other contractors to supplement inspection issues. There were lots of larger projects when they moved into the home and Cara happily assisted them in handling these things quickly. Cara even bought their son his comforter for his new "big boy" bed when they moved into their new house. She really seemed to care for their family. 

To this day Cara continues to be very available to the couple. They use her as a resource in the community frequently. 

Lori's Advice to You

If you're considering buying your home, my advice would be to 

"Really take care Cara up on her offer of using her as a resource... I encourage people to speak with Cara and let her know what your priorities are and if you don't know, then lean on her to help you figure it out."

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